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Bringing Montessori Home

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Often parents ask us about how they can incorporate the methods we use in the classroom to their homes. It’s wonderful for children to have consistency between Sunny Side and their home and it’s great if parents can use The Montessori methods at home therefore creating a Montessori lifestyle for their little ones.
Encouraging independence, exploration, order and self-motivation are fundamentals to the Montessori approach. Children learn how to care for themselves and their environment while developing self-confidence.

Creating an ordered environment and a set routine is essential for children to feel safe and secure in their environment.

Teaching real-life skills to children helps them develop skills to become part of the community. Children in the Montessori environment learn to be helpful to others, clean up after themselves, prepare their own meals, tidy the shelves, dress themselves and function as independently as possible.

Most Montessori materials are either self-correcting or include a control of error, therefore when the child is working on the activity they can test themselves to see if they did the work correctly. This makes the motivation to successfully finish a task an internal drive to learn and not an external consequence- like getting a treat or being punished if you made a mistake.

At Sunny Side we are very insistent on grace and courtesy in the classroom. We encourage good manners and treating others with respect. We remind children to use their words in all situations so they learn to express themselves. We encourage being gentle with one another and using gentle hands when dealing with equipment. Our four classroom ground rules include; walking feet, listening ears, helping hands and an inside voice.

At school we give mounds of support to being positive and having our environment set out in an inspiring positive way. I feel that a positive and joyful home environment is best for children to develop in a happy and confident way.

Allowing your child to concentrate is very important. At Sunny Side we avoid interruptions and allow children to finish their task in a quiet and calm environment. Interrupting a child while they’re working is unhelpful and unnecessary.

We encourage you- to bring Montessori home.

Sunny Side is opening a toddler class.

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We have some wonderful news! Sunny Side is looking to add a beautifully designed toddler class to our lovely 3-6 year old environment. We plan on having a well-organised classroom with activities that help the little ones to help themselves. We will create a loving and nurturing environment so that parents feel at ease when their kiddies start with what will probably be their first experience of school.

As I know young children are rather particular and have a strong need for predictability and order, for this reason we will provide a well structured environment to help ease children into the new environment.

Our toddler classroom will help children:

  • Feel safe and secure
  • Learn the routines
  • Feel a sense of home away from home
  • Experience concentration
  • Discover a joy for learning

Our Sunny Side toddler class will have Montessori equipment, consisting of mainly practical life, sensorial, language (which will be books, learning sounds and pre-writing exercises to strengthen their pincer grip), culture (during theme discussions) and arts and crafts.

So if you’re looking for a positive and nurturing environment for your toddler we have the ideal set-up.

Sunny Side Montessori Clay

A Day at Sunny Side Montessori

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What Happens Daily at Sunny Side Montessori?

Teachers often expect their day to go a certain way when educating little ones– I know I do here at Sunny Side Montessori. Maybe they have crafts arranged, a fun lesson planned, theme-related information they want to talk about; or they envision children listening diligently and following all their instructions – in the least, they might hope for some structure throughout the day.

Those expectations are often far from what plays out in reality. Children have their own minds filled with interests and desires to chase for the day ahead. As a teacher, you must be ready with an unlimited supply of creativity each day to help develop those interests. It’s important (and actually very exciting) to think on your feet. One moment you need to make up a game, the next you have to tell a fascinating story, then thrown together a craft project on rocket ships, or do a science experiment around electricity… all without having planned a thing!

Each day at Sunny Side Montessori is filled with spontaneity, joy and an abundance of learning. When a child shows an interest in something, it’s my responsibility as a teacher to delve into this subject with passion and care and explore what can be learnt about this subject.

Every day is different and every day is great, even though it doesn’t always go according to plan!

All set up and ready for 2017

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Hello Moms, dads and friends.

I can’t wait for the first term to begin!

We’re finally finished setting up Sunny Side Montessori and what a busy and fun-filled process it’s been! All the classrooms are ready to inspire and nurture young minds. We have our themes for the year ahead and special dates have been set aside.

All the positive feedback, support, kindness and compliments I’ve received about the school has been overwhelming. I have a strong feeling that the children will love learning in our environment that we’ve created with so much love.

Parents: please feel free to book an appointment to view the school. Also, have a look at our Facebook updates: CLICK HERE

I wish everyone a wonderful festive season.

– Caitlin