Being a new momma

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There is nothing more precious than your own child. I always knew this, but now that I am a new mom, I feel it. It’s the most incredible experience and it’s made me feel very lucky to be in the position to care for and watch other children grow and develop.

I can only imagine how much thought and consideration goes into finding the right pre-school for your loved one. At Sunny Side I feel honoured that parents trust us to protect their most precious jewels. Rest assured that we will look after your loved one as if they were our own.FB_IMG_1558290683036

Why Montessori materials?

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Montessori materials have been used by teachers and children for over a century with great success. Most of the materials used in a Montessori classroom today, are in fact the same ones designed and adapted by Dr. Montessori herself when she first started working with young children.


In addition to the materials, the consistent manner in which the materials are displayed and presented is fundamental to the Montessori methodology. Although each of the Montessori materials meet their own specific educational goal, they all share fundamental characteristics.


The materials are presented in a way as to isolate one property at a time, thus allowing the child to keep focus on just one element at a time.

The materials are specifically designed to be worked with in a certain order— from simplex to complex, allowing the child to gradually build up to accomplishing complex tasks while still feeling pride in the simple one at hand.

The way in which Montessori materials are displayed has been specifically thought out with the young child in mind, from the open shelves to the organised trays each with separate pieces of material.

And lastly, most Montessori materials have a built in control of error, which allows the child to self-correct independently and therefor learn more from the material.


At Sunny Side, we strive to always provide children with the best materials in order to nurture their ever growing and curious minds.

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Creating awareness / September 2018

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We had a visit from Claremont Police department explaining the importance of children being aware of their surroundings and the dangers that may be out there. Unfortunately in this day and age there are real dangers regarding children’s safety. It was also very relevant for the little ones to learn some useful tips on what to do in certain unfortunate situations, like; getting lost in the mall, having strangers approach them, keeping safe at the park etc. The children also got the opportunity to ask some questions that were of significance to them.


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