Our Environment & Activities Gallery

This is the official gallery of Sunny Side, a welcoming Montessori pre-school situated in Claremont, Cape Town. With more than one classroom, featuring various corners of creativity and educational areas, we cater to young children’s beautiful curiosity and wonderful willingness to learn in a fun and safe space. We also have lovely, not to mention inspiring, outdoor spaces where we all spend special time together having fun and learning about nature and our earth.

At Sunny Side Montessori Pre-school we also introduce mathematics, practical life skills, language skills, cultural subjects, sensorial sessions and the study and practice of art. You might think, “Isn’t 3 a bit young for that?” Not at all. We start slow and everyone learns at a pace that’s comfortable for them. While there is adequate exposure to all areas of learning mentioned here, Montessori children have the freedom to lean towards and develop certain personal interests. Our reading corner is great for times when little ones want to just comfortable read or rest.

We invite you to have a look at some of the images below to gain a better understanding of Montessori environments and how all the elements work together so well to improve confidence and allow independence. Notice how an incredible range of colours and variety of objects play an important role in the appeal of our spaces. The warms rooms are always well-organised, yet inviting so children can feel at home.

Please get in touch to arrange a viewing of our Montessori school. We would love to show you around and tell you more about what we do. Also, be sure to visit our News page for regular updates from Teacher Caitlin as well as special Maria Montessori quotes and inspirational videos worth watching and sharing.

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