Meet Our Rosebank Team

Laurie & Caitlin Munnik

Head Of School

Gayl Harwood

Foxes directress

Andrea Joy Mentor

Cubs Assistant

Sian Klein

Cubs Directress

Catherine Sinikiwe Tsangadzaome

Cubs Assistant

Nosipho Kraai

Foxes Assistant

Sameeha Osman Latib

Junior Foxes Directress

Enrol at Rosebank

Is your little one ready?

Children from as young as 18 months can enrol at Sunny Side Montessori Pre-school. Our wonderful, central location features multiple classrooms and lovely outdoor spaces where little ones can have lots of fun and learn in a safe environment. Read about our child-centred Classroom and stimulating materials to understand how our learning environment accommodates choice and facilitates growth.

Below you’ll find our Fee Structure, Enrolment Form and Parents Handbook for both our schools: Claremont and Palmyra. Once you’ve read through the documents and filled in your details, please email the forms to the school you wish to enrol at and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. If you have any questions about any of the forms, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Apart from requesting personal details, the Enrolment Form includes information such as Sunny Side Montessori Pre-school’s school hoursschool fees (as well as sibling discounts) and banking details. The Terms, Conditions and Procedures document includes information about parental involvement, assessment, health of children, cleanliness and hygiene, clothing and toys/valuables, school outings, donations, saying goodbye in the morning and collection of children from school, emergency procedures, meals, birthdays, show and tell, stationery requirements as well as general rules and regulations.

The Consent and Indemnity Form must also be completed and submitted along with the Enrolment Form once completed. With the Consent Form, you give your consent that your child may take part in the activities of Sunny Side Montessori School, including classroom and playground activities as well as any excursions that may be arranged by the school. The details of an emergency contact are also requested to help ensure we reach the right person, should it be necessary at any stage.

Enrol at Rosebank

2 Kent Road, Rosebank, Cape Town

Call or WhatsApp 072 820 9803
Laurie & Caitlin Munnik - Head Of School

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